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Does Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

How to be sure your auto insurance covers a rental car If you have good auto insurance, you may consider the rental car company’s coverage to be an unnecessary expense. You could be right, but don’t jump the gun and automatically decline the additional protection. For some drivers, signing up for ext

7 Ways to Get Cheaper Teen Car Insurance

cheaper car insurance teens Teen car insurance tends to be more expensive than coverage for older drivers. Teenagers have less experience on the road and they’re more prone to driving distractions, so an increased premium is to be expected. Or is it?  Actually, there are sev

6 Reasons to Choose an Independent Auto Insurance Agency

An independent auto insurance agency has no particular allegiance to any single carrier – the agents work for you. Direct writers, on the other hand, work for an insurance company. While both independent agents and direct writers share the goal of

Car Insurance Mistakes that Can Cost You

Car Insurance Mistakes Shopping for the right car insurance policy – one that offers maximum coverage at the minimum price — isn’t nearly as fun as shopping for the perfect vehicle. But if you take the time to carefully consider your options, you can get the prot

Insurance Agency vs. Insurance Company: What’s the Difference?

Insurance Agency vs. Insurance Company What’s the Difference The difference between an insurance agency and an insurance company or carrier is a source of confusion for many consumers. And because the answer isn’t completely black and white, the distinction can become a little blurry. But perhaps more import

What Should Your Boat Insurance Policy Cover?

What Should Your Boat Insurance Policy Cover? Boat insurance is one of those expenses every boat owner has, but doesn’t necessarily want. It’s fun buying marine speakers and tubing equipment. Paying your insurance bill every month? Not so much. But since you have to finance coverage, you

Review Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy This Summer

Review Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy This Summer Motorcycle insurance is a must. It’s important to know you’re covered on the road; plus, it’s the law. But more importantly, your finances could be at risk in a motorcycle accident if you are underinsured. Since summer is now upon us, it’s

Upgrade Your Car Insurance Coverage if You Drive for a Ride-Sharing Service 

Upgrade Your Car Insurance Coverage if You Drive for a Ride-Sharing Service  Your car insurance coverage may not have been at the forefront of your mind when you signed up to drive for Uber or Lyft. You were probably just excited to start making extra money, but a call to your auto insurance policy provider to check your

Choose Commercial Auto Insurance for Your Company Vehicles

Commercial Auto Insurance Commercial auto insurance is a must for those who drive for business. It’s not just for taxi drivers and pizza-delivery services. Your personal auto insurance likely isn’t enough to cover you in the event you get into an accident while driving o

Car Insurance: How Much Will it Go up After an Accident?

Car Insurance Car insurance rates are an expense every driver has to live with, so there is no harm in trying to minimize the amount you pay out of pocket. But that gets a lot harder after you file a claim on your policy. Even though it might seem like it, yo