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Homeowners Insurance and Backyard Improvements

Homeowners Insurance and Backyard Improvements

Transforming your backyard into a family entertainment area could end up being more expensive than anticipated. Trampolines, pools, play structures, swing sets, and even tree houses can encourage children to spend more time outdoors. However, these property additions can also impact your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Typical homeowner's insurance policies frequently have exclusions for these types of backyard recreational features. Discover how your homeowner's policy will be impacted by the most anticipated warmer month events and what, if any, actions you should take to ensure that you are insured.

Swimming Pools

If you have a pool, chances are you've already bought a homeowners policy that provides coverage for pool-related liabilities and property damage. Make sure to inform your insurance carrier if you're installing a pool this year, whether in the ground or above. Swimming pools bring new risks for you and your guests, so your insurance provider may need to adjust your policy to cover the new addition.


Fun and unforgettable experiences can be enjoyed on warmer days spent leaping in the sun (or shade, as the case may be). Similar to swimming pools, trampolines also have specific risks that can affect your insurance coverage. Consider contacting your insurance provider if you decide to purchase a trampoline this summer. Just like with the swimming pool, it's important to review your policy to make sure you're protected in case of any issues.

Fire pits, grills, and barbecues

Whether you're savoring a small family meal or throwing a neighborhood blowout, outdoor cooking appliances present a distinct set of risks. Although the majority of grills and grilling activities are typically included in a standard homeowners policy, fire pits and freestanding barbecue structures might not be covered. It is important to review local laws and ordinances regarding fires. In regions prone to wildfires, recreational burning is frequently prohibited or significantly limited. In different locations, local regulations might specify the necessary distance for placing or constructing fire pits in relation to your home or your neighbors' property lines. Home insurance policies do not provide coverage for damage caused by illegal activities. If fires are prohibited in your area, it's important to avoid them to prevent losing coverage.


Are you thinking of building a treehouse? Make sure to review the local building code before proceeding. Indeed, the legality of your tree house may vary based on the tree species it's built on and its proximity to your property line. Constructing a treehouse may lead to an increase in your homeowner's insurance due to the potential risk of injury from falling.

Protection of Homes with Recreational Structures

If your homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover these recreational structures or increases the premium significantly with their inclusion, you may want to consider a separate umbrella policy. Securing a separate policy for your pool or trampoline can enable you to obtain coverage from a homeowner’s insurance provider that might otherwise deny your policy. Don’t upgrade your backyard without upgrading your homeowners insurance coverage as well. Protect yourself from liability, and get a personalized quote from Four Seasons Insurance Agency. We work on getting you affordable coverage that fits, enabling you to enjoy the backyard of your dreams.

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