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Will Speed Cameras Slow Fatal Accidents?

Will Speed Cameras Slow Fatal Accidents?

Fatal car accidents spiked last year across the country in most states. A recent article on provided a comparative list of vehicle fatalities in each state from 2020 to 2021. It showed that Idaho had the largest increase in fatalities, coming in at about a 36% increase. Nebraska did the best, lowering their estimate by about 18%. Utah was more in the middle and saw an increase of about a 12%. Overall, the country has seen an average increase of about 33% in vehicle accident fatalities over the past decade. This increase has motivated advocates to press Congress for the implementation of more safety rules, such as seatbelt reminders for rear seat passengers.

Due to a recent infrastructure law, states can now access federal highway dollars for roadway safety programs. This includes the possibility of automatic traffic enforcement, or speed cameras. The idea is that the “cameras that photograph speeding vehicles [will] help bring down rising traffic deaths.” However, this idea of the often-called “speed traps” hasn’t been widely embraced. Motorists often complain that the cameras could be inaccurate and are almost impossible to dispute in court. Some states have banned the use of automatic speed cameras and others have no legislation in place to support using them.

However, speed continues to be an issue across the country. More than 1 in 4 fatal vehicle crashes are in direct correlation to high speeds, and the Federal Highway Administration is confident that speed cameras can aid in the reduction of injuries from these types of accidents by about 50%. Since December of last year, some highway safety money has already been distributed to some states.

Whether automatic traffic enforcement sounds like a good idea to you or not, the fact remains that the roads can be dangerous and fatal accidents are on the rise. The need to drive safely and cautiously is more important today than every before. Between easy and common distractions, road rage incidents, driving under the influence, and speedy and careless drivers, the roads are no place to be negligent. Accidents do happen, and when the unfortunate arises, you will want to be protected in the best ways possible. This means a solid and active auto insurance plan. Auto insurance is required in the state of Utah, but that shouldn’t be the only reason you get it. Having a good insurance plan provides peace of mind and confidence that you’re covered if you do get into an accident. You can also think about life insurance in addition to auto insurance. No one wants to envision the possibility of being in a fatal accident, but it’s always good to be prepared. It’s a great comfort to know your loved ones will have some financial assistance during a time of uncertainty and grief. Four Seasons Insurance Agency can handle all your insurance needs under one roof. It’s convenient, and you can feel even more peace working with us because you know we are ethical and honest with every client and situation. And, as always, drive safely.

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