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History of Insurance

History of Insurance When you think of insurance, it probably feels like a modern notion. In reality, the idea of insuring yourself and your goods is thousands of years old. Travel back in time to around 3,000 B.C. and you’ll find Chinese merchants who understood the r

Benefits of Renter’s Insurance that You May Not Have Considered

Benefits of Renter’s Insurance that You May Not Have Considered If you’re renting a space or are looking for one, you probably already know a little about renter’s insurance. Renter’s insurance is a good idea because your landlord’s insurance won’t cover you and it’s a protection from liability in cas

Insurance for Specific Events

Insurance for Specific Events Between the warmer weather blowing in and the world opening back up, many of us are preparing to host events and parties bigger than ever before. After all, we need to make up for that lost time during the pandemic! If you put off a big celebration s

Wacky but True Insurance Stories

Wacky but True Insurance Stories Having insurance is important for protecting you and your family. We’ve seen lots of insurance claims here at this office, and we always respond quickly and effectively. We welcome all questions from our clients, no matter how unusual they may be.

Warning Signs an Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

Warning Signs an Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith The right insurance company will make your needs a priority and will treat you fairly and ethically. If your insurance company is making you feel like something is wrong, listen to your gut. Here are some warning signs to pay attention to if you’re

Five Tips When Shopping for Insurance

Five Tips When Shopping for Insurance Shopping for insurance can be an overwhelming and confusing process. Between the technical terms and plethora of options (or exclusions of options), it can be intimidating. Here are five considerations to take into account when choosing an insurance

Insurance for Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters Fires and floods: two common headlines throughout the country recently. Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc throughout Louisiana and up the Northeast coast as the fifth-strongest hurricane hit the mainland of the United States. Wind damage and flooding destr

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your Home Insurance Premiums?

The importance of keeping your homeowners insurance in force If you don’t pay your home insurance premium by the due date, you may still have time to keep the policy in force. Most policies come with a grace period, giving you a little extra time – usually 30 days – to bring the policy premium current. I

Should You Ever NOT File a Home Insurance Claim?

Should you ever not file a homeowners’ insurance claim You pay for home insurance, so you might as well file a claim each and every time you have property damage, right? Although you certainly have the right to file an insurance claim any time you have a covered loss, doing so can sometimes cause your pr

Are You Legally Required to Carry Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance is not legally mandatory; you don’t technically need coverage to own a home. Generally speaking, it’s only a requirement if you have a mortgage loan on your property or if you’re the owner of a co-op or condominium. That sa