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Insurance for Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters Fires and floods: two common headlines throughout the country recently. Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc throughout Louisiana and up the Northeast coast as the fifth-strongest hurricane hit the mainland of the United States. Wind damage and flooding destr

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your Home Insurance Premiums?

The importance of keeping your homeowners insurance in force If you don’t pay your home insurance premium by the due date, you may still have time to keep the policy in force. Most policies come with a grace period, giving you a little extra time – usually 30 days – to bring the policy premium current. I

Should You Ever NOT File a Home Insurance Claim?

Should you ever not file a homeowners’ insurance claim You pay for home insurance, so you might as well file a claim each and every time you have property damage, right? Although you certainly have the right to file an insurance claim any time you have a covered loss, doing so can sometimes cause your pr

Are You Legally Required to Carry Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance is not legally mandatory; you don’t technically need coverage to own a home. Generally speaking, it’s only a requirement if you have a mortgage loan on your property or if you’re the owner of a co-op or condominium. That sa

What Does a Standard Home Insurance Policy Cover?

home insurance coverage A standard home insurance policy provides protection against financial loss resulting from certain perils, including fire, theft, falling objects and accidental damage. Independent agents customize insurance plans to meet each individual homeowner’

5 Tips to Save Money on Your Home Insurance

Home Insurance Savings Your home insurance provides protection for what is arguably your largest investment, so you definitely want to have a comprehensive policy. But, even so, who wouldn’t like to save a little money, as long as it doesn’t compromise your coverage?

Insurance Agency vs. Insurance Company: What’s the Difference?

Insurance Agency vs. Insurance Company What’s the Difference The difference between an insurance agency and an insurance company or carrier is a source of confusion for many consumers. And because the answer isn’t completely black and white, the distinction can become a little blurry. But perhaps more import

8 Ways to Get a Homeowners Insurance Discount

homeowners-insurance Your homeowners insurance is a necessity, so you probably don’t think about it much — you just pay the bill. But what if you could lower your annual costs to get more of what you want? Shopping for homeowners insurance rate reductions can pa

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Backyard Summer Fun?

Homeowners Insurance Cover Backyard Summer Fun Your homeowners insurance isn’t just designed to protect your home — it’s meant to protect you, too. Summer is a season of fun, complete with barbecues, pool parties and bonfires. But spring and summer also bring about an increased risk of

5 Reasons to Update Your Homeowners Insurance Policy 

Your homeowners insurance policy is more than a document — it’s your protection. As a homeowner, you’ve invested your livelihood in building or buying a structure to house your family and all your possessions. If something happens to damage