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Distracted Driving Statistics: Protect Yourself and Your Family

distracted driving Roadway deaths related to distracted driving are rising. In 2015, 3,477 people were killed, up from 3,179 in 2014. While you can’t control the behavior of others, you can take steps to educate yourself and your family members (especially teen dri

Top 10 Ways to Lower Car Insurance Costs

Lower Car Insurance Cost Lower car insurance bills — that’s what everyone wants. Car insurance is a must-have, but you want to pay as little as possible for the protection you need. It is possible to lower car insurance rates and still get great coverage, but it mig

Check Your RV Insurance Before Camping Season

RV Insurance RV insurance is a must, whether you camp all summer long or only for a few weeks. Now that the weather is turning warmer, it’s almost time to hit the road once again, so make sure you’re prepared. Before you take your rig out on the highway, doub

Teen Car Insurance: Make Sure Your Young Driver Is Protected

teen car insurance Is purchasing teen car insurance on your to-do list? Your teen is finally taking a major step toward independence, and while it’s exciting, it can be a little scary too, especially for parents. Besides helping your teens practice their driving mane

An Independent Insurance Agent Works for You

independent insurance agent Sandy, Utah An independent insurance agent has your best interests in mind. Unlike a corporate agent who works for one company, an independent insurance professional can provide a wide range of coverages tailored to your individual needs — and the policies don

8 Effective Ways to Lower Your Insurance Bill

Insurance Bills Utah Is one of your financial goals to lower your insurance bill this year? Insurance is a necessary protection, but you shouldn’t pay more if you don’t have to. You have control over some of the factors your insurer uses to create your policy, whethe

5 Boat Insurance Facts You Should Know

boat insurance Boat insurance protects your passengers and your watercraft. Although boating can be a relaxing hobby, it isn’t without its dangers. Just like driving on the roadways, navigating waterways isn’t without risk. Besides meeting the requirements of y

Motorcycle Insurance: Should You Get More Than the Minimum?

motorcycle insurance utah Motorcycle insurance protects you from liability for any injuries or damage done when you’re riding your bike. It’s a necessity, just like car insurance. Don’t make the mistake of assuming motorcycle insurance is optional — you could be fined