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Warning Signs an Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

Warning Signs an Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

The right insurance company will make your needs a priority and will treat you fairly and ethically. If your insurance company is making you feel like something is wrong, listen to your gut. Here are some warning signs to pay attention to if you’re getting frustrated with your insurance situation:

You have been threatened: It doesn’t matter what the situation is, an insurer should never make threats against you. Insurance companies need to act professionally and justly in all situations regardless of how tense a situation may become. If this has happened to you, report it immediately and look for a new company for future coverage. If you are insured through an independent agency that carries the insurance policy, contact them for help.

Your claim wasn’t investigated appropriately: It’s an insurance company’s job to adequately investigate claims in a reasonable time frame. If you feel your claim is taking too long or that important details were not looked at, this is red flag. Some claims take longer than others, but if you’re wait time is longer than a month, that’s a reason for concern.

Your claim was denied, and they didn’t give a reason: If your claim gets denied, the insurance company has to give you a valid reason. If you’ve received a denial and you have no idea why and they’re not responsive, you are justified to take action against them. There are a lot of insurance and injury lawyers out there, and this a big reason why.

Your claim hasn’t been paid: If you had a valid and approved claim and it’s taking an exceedingly long time to pay out, you need to act. Some insurance companies put this off and make up excuses for why they’re not paying out, but this is never okay or ethical. Insurance companies should not deny payment for a valid claim or delay payments once a claim has been approved.

Your request for documentation has been denied: Insurance companies need to provide relevant documentation regarding their decisions if a policyholder or agent asks for it. Of course, the requests need to be reasonable and applicable to the claim. If you’ve asked for this and haven’t received anything or they’re giving you excuses, you’ll want to get some help.

Accident and injury lawyers are busy and successful because issues with insurance companies happen all the time. When you’re in a vulnerable situation, it’s easy for companies to take advantage. If any of the above issues are relevant to you, you may need to get a lawyer to help. It’s not an experience we want our customers to go through, so if you want an insurance agency to take care of you and ensure your claims are processed fairly, reach out to us. We work with reputable insurance companies and do the hard work of finding the right coverage for you. By working with a trusted agency like Four Seasons Insurance Agency, you can rest easy knowing we have you covered.

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