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Inland Marine Insurance

You shouldn't let the phrase "inland marine" throw you off. Inland marine insurance, as opposed to "marine insurance," which covers products while they are being transported over water, covers products, materials, and equipment while they are being transported over land. 

With inland marine insurance, a business's property that is moved on land is financially protected. This can include the shipping of equipment, goods, parts, and materials "inland" by cars, trucks, and trains. Property related to construction, transportation, fine art, and renewable energy that is owned by or in the care of a business is also covered.

This kind of insurance is either offered as an independent policy or as an add-on to an already-existing business insurance policy. Inland marine insurance may be beneficial to businesses with transportable items. It is critical to assess whether some of your business operations are not covered by your present commercial insurance.

Construction and contracting machinery like excavators, bobcats, skid steers, graders, and similar machinery are protected by Inland Marine insurance.

Inland Marine Insurance for Excavation Equipment
Skid Steer & Mini Excavator Insurance Coverage for Contractors
Insurance Coverage for Construction Machinery & Equipment
Inland Marine Insurance Coverage for Construction Equipment

Some additional Areas of Coverage with Inland Marine Insurance include:

  • Cargo or Products out for delivery
  • Computers, Servers, Laptops
  • Communication and networking hardware
  • Medical and scientific apparatus
  • Photography Equipment
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Tools

We want to protect your business and livelihood. Our business insurance experts will design a program to meet your strategic business insurance goals and coverage needs. Contact us today at Four Seasons Insurance Agency, Inc. to learn more about how Inland Marine Insurance can help your business.

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