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Insure Teen Drivers to Ensure Peace of Mind

Insure Teen Drivers to Ensure Peace of Mind

The day has come: your teen driver completed drivers ed and passed their test—now what? For some of us, this day is a welcome reprieve from being the family chauffeur. For others, this may be a terrifying endeavor knowing your child is wholly responsible behind the wheel. Either way, the fledging is working at leaving the nest, and that’s really the best goal for their autonomy. Here are some things to consider now that you’re at this new juncture of life:

Create Solid Ground Rules – The insurance cost to add your new driver will indeed go up, regardless of the policy you choose. Set up some rules for your teen before they take off such as what hours of the day they can drive, how many friends you will allow in the car with them at one time, and the number of miles they can travel in the week. Driving should be treated as a privilege for teenagers and emphasizing their responsibility while behind the wheel will be crucial to safe driving.

Add Driver or Purchase New Car – It may seem that adding your teen to your existing list of insured vehicles may seem like the wisest choice, but sometimes this isn’t the case. Depending on what cars are driven in your home, like a sports car or a classic car without the new safety features, it may make sense to buy your teen a safe and economical vehicle.

Choosing the Right Policy – There are many options to consider when choosing a policy. Premiums are affected by how many cars are on the policy, what safety features are included on your cars, good student discounts (be sure to ask about these!), if there are other policies carried by the same company, and more. You can also revise the deductibles on your coverage to make your monthly premium more affordable or pay higher premiums each month for more peace of mind if a crash does occur. Your policy can be unique to your needs, so be sure to present all your concerns when talking to an auto insurance company.

Review the Policy Frequently – Once you add your teen, you’re not stuck with that option forever. If their grades go up or they sell their vehicle, reach out to your agent to update your information. Once a teen reaches 18, that will affect policies too. Accurate and current information is necessary for any insurance policy because if the worst occurs, insurance companies can only pay out on the accurate information you provide.

With a solid insurance policy, you can sleep well at night knowing your almost-adult child is covered in the ways that you have control over. Conversations about safe driving is the first thing to tackle and the best thing you can do for your newly driving teen. And remember to practice what you preach. Teens watch what you do, so that means safe driving for yourself, too. Four Seasons Insurance Agency can handle any teenage driver’s needs with one of our custom policies.

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