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Watercraft & Boat Insurance

In Utah, boat insurance and personal watercraft coverage are an important component of your property and liability coverage.

Utah offers more than 100 boatable bodies of water, and our state’s natural beauty and climate draw residents to the lakes and reservoirs in droves. Whether you navigate a ski boat, pontoon, sailboat or jet ski, it is important that you protect yourself against both liability and physical damage to your watercraft.

Four Seasons Insurance Agency, Inc. offers a variety of watercraft and boat insurance products to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

Boat Insurance Requirements

In Utah, all registered motorboats and personal watercraft are required to carry a state-mandated minimum liability insurance coverage. In addition, proof of coverage must be carried onboard, whenever you operate your boat.

In addition to liability, most boat owners choose to carry comprehensive, collision and towing coverage. Just as they do for your automobile, these coverages ensure that your boat will be protected against accidental damage, theft or vandalism. Your boat will also be covered while in tow or storage as well.

boat insurance

Towing coverage is particularly helpful if your motorized boat becomes disabled while on the water. You can also purchase additional insurance products to cover salvage and to protect your fishing gear, waterskis, navigation system and other onboard items.

For the most comprehensive selection of marine insurance products, contact Four Seasons Insurance Agency, Inc.. We will provide quotes that fit your specific needs for your watercraft or boat insurance.

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