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Top 10 Ways to Lower Car Insurance Costs

Lower car insurance bills — that’s what everyone wants. Car insurance is a must-have, but you want to pay as little as possible for the protection you need.

Lower Car Insurance Cost

It is possible to lower car insurance rates and still get great coverage, but it might take some legwork. With a helpful agent, go down this list and see if you can shave some savings off your bill!

1. Drive a Safe, Secure Car

It’s always smart to talk to your insurance agent before you buy a new car. Make sure you can afford the premium, but also fill them in on all the safety and security features in your new vehicle.

Even if you’re buying a new model, the higher insurance cost might be offset by the modern safety and security advancements that make you eligible for a discount. If you haven’t yet filled your agent in on your vehicle’s capabilities, do so to see if it affects your bill.

2. Raise Your Deductible

If you’re a safe, careful driver and you have some savings in the bank, why not raise your deductible and pay less annually? Your rates will go down as your deductible goes up. Make sure it’s an amount you can comfortably handle in the event of a claim.

3. Get Educated

Taking a defensive driving course could deliver some savings that might surprise you. Plus, you’ll be a better driver!

4. Park Your Car Inside

Parking your car in a garage can make you eligible for an insurance discount. Time to clean out the clutter and make room for your car!

5. Drive Less

Could you bike to work? Could you depend on public transportation? The less you drive, the less you’ll pay for insurance. If you don’t use your car for commuting, let your insurance company know and your rates could drop.

6. Combine Policies

If you and your spouse haven’t combined policies yet, what are you waiting for? You can save significantly with a multiple vehicle, multiple driver policy versus two separate individual policies.

7. Don’t Pay Extra for an Old Car

When you’re driving a car that’s well past its prime, don’t pay for extra coverage. If your state doesn’t require comprehensive collision coverage, why pay for it if you won’t need it?

8. Keep Your Credit Score High

More and more, insurance companies are depending on consumer credit scores when providing insurance quotes. Keep your credit score up and your rates will naturally stay down.

9. Pay Up Front

One simple way to lower car insurance costs is to pay annually instead of monthly. Pay a six or 12-month policy up front and you could get a discount.

10. Just Ask

If you’ve been a loyal customer for years, maybe it’s time to just ask for a discount! Talk to your agent about any missing discounts that would help you keep your bill low.

Four Seasons Insurance Agency is here for you through every stage of life — and so is your car insurance bill. The good news is, we can help you lower car insurance costs so you pay less while still getting top-notch service and coverage for every scenario. Call us today!

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