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Check Your RV Insurance Before Camping Season

RV insurance is a must, whether you camp all summer long or only for a few weeks. Now that the weather is turning warmer, it’s almost time to hit the road once again, so make sure you’re prepared.

Before you take your rig out on the highway, double-check your coverage. A discrepancy in your RV insurance could wind up costing thousands, especially if you assume you’re covered up to a certain amount but you aren’t.


What do you need to know about RV insurance?

What Does Utah Require?

First, Utah compels all motor homes to be registered and licensed. Your RV will have to pass a safety and an emissions inspection too. You will have to pay all of the fees associated with titling and registration.

You will also have to get insurance coverage — it’s required. So if you haven’t gone insurance shopping yet, get a personalized quote before the first long weekend with nice weather!

Your RV Insurance Quote Depends on Many Factors

When you consult with an insurance agent about your motor home, they’re going to ask you some questions, including:

  • How often do you drive it?
  • Where do you store it when you aren’t using it?
  • How far do you travel in the RV?
  • What are the RV’s dimensions?

Based on your answers, your agent will provide a quote that takes into account your traveling habits and where and how long you park your RV when camping season is over.

You Have Options

Remember when selecting RV insurance that you have many options available. Don’t rely on an agency that sells RV owners a one-size-fits-all policy — it’s not realistic.

If you live in your RV year-round, you need all the extra coverage that goes along with full-time RV insurance. You want liability protection from injuries and coverage for all your personal property inside.

But if you only camp a few weekends of the year, you don’t fit the same mold. You still need coverage for when you’re on the road and while you’re parked at a campsite, but you shouldn’t pay for more than that.

We Provide Coverage That Fills in the Gaps

At Four Seasons Insurance, we’re well-versed in matching our clients with the right RV insurance, and we consider coverage features you may not have considered before.

For example, wouldn’t you love “trip interruption” coverage to pay for a hotel stay if your RV is damaged while you’re on vacation? What if your policy doesn’t cover certain attachments to your motor home, such as an awning? Do you have replacement coverage that will reimburse you for the full value of your RV?

Trust Four Seasons Insurance to provide an RV insurance quote that fits your budget and covers your needs.

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