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5 Tips to Save Money on Your Home Insurance

Your home insurance provides protection for what is arguably your largest investment, so you definitely want to have a comprehensive policy. But, even so, who wouldn’t like to save a little money, as long as it doesn’t compromise your coverage?

You can shop around and compare rates but what if you could save even more while making your life easier and improving the value of your home? You may just be able to achieve this elusive trifecta with our money-saving tips.

Home Insurance Savings

No. 1: Bundle Your Auto & Home Insurance

You’ve seen the commercials, but have you talked with your insurance agent about the potential of combining your coverage?

Bundling your auto insurance with your homeowner coverage could lower your combined premium by a substantial sum, depending on your coverage. If you have other coverage – such as an RV, motorcycle or boat – you could possibly save even more.

No. 2: Install a Security System

Many insurance carriers offer a substantial premium discount if you install a security system. There’s one catch, however: It probably has to be a monitored system.

Even if you don’t live in a high-crime area, insurers favor monitored systems because, should a fire break out, the fire department will be notified automatically by the monitoring service. This can significantly reduce the potential damage to your home, which means a smaller insurance claim.

If you have pets in the home, this is also a great way to keep them safer too!

No. 3: Replace Your Roof

Replacing the roof of your home could provide you with a substantial discount on your home insurance.

If you install a fire- and impact-resistant roof, you might be surprised by how much it reduces your annual premium. No, you won’t pay for your new roof with your premium savings but, if it’s time for a roof replacement anyway, check with your insurance agent to see how much you could save.

No. 4: Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical or Plumbing System

By replacing your home’s plumbing or electrical system – or both – you could drastically reduce your homeowner insurance cost.

Older plumbing systems are more prone to pipe leaks, which could potentially cause significant water damage to the house. Older electrical systems are more likely to cause a house fire.

Again, you won’t save enough to offset the cost of these upgrades but, if you’re planning a home remodel anyway, consider how much you could save if you included these improvement projects in the budget.

No. 5: Work with an Independent Insurance Agency

If you don’t already work with an insurance agency for your personal coverages, consider making the switch.

An agent will shop your coverage with dozens of insurers to find the best deal for you. And, because they aren’t limited to the products of one company, you can choose the policies that best fit your needs as well as your budget.

With offices in West Jordan and Sandy, Four Seasons Insurance Agency, Inc. serves both personal and commercial clients throughout northern Utah. We represent the insurance companies that you know and love – like Progressive and Bear River Mutual – to offer our clients all the coverage options they value.

Contact us today to learn more about how the insurance experts at Four Seasons can help you save money on your home insurance.

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