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8 Ways to Get a Homeowners Insurance Discount

Your homeowners insurance is a necessity, so you probably don’t think about it much — you just pay the bill. But what if you could lower your annual costs to get more of what you want?

Shopping for homeowners insurance rate reductions can pay off, whether you’re looking at auto, boat or motorcycle.


Here are eight more ways to lower your costs:

1. Boost Your Credit Score

More and more, insurers are looking at credit scores when calculating quotes for policies. If your credit is less than stellar, work on raising your score, then shop around for a lower rate. Sign up for a credit monitoring service and immediately correct any errors you notice.

2. Install a Security System

An alarm system will keep you safe. To your insurer, this is important, but even more important is the fact that it will keep your property safe, and that’s what affects your rates. If you have a security system, reach out to your insurance carrier and ask if you can get a homeowner’s insurance discount.

3. Apply for a High-Impact Roof Credit

Did you just get a new roof installed? Some insurance companies offer homeowners insurance discounts if your roof has impact-resistant shingles or if it’s metal and can better withstand falling objects like tree branches or hail.

4. Install Smart Smoke Alarms or Sprinkler Systems

A smart smoke alarm will alert you when it is no longer working, since it’s connected to your WiFi. A sprinkler system is expensive to install, but if you have one, make sure you let your insurance carrier know! Both of these systems have the potential to prevent major loss of property and life.

5. Build a Lightning Protection System

A lightning protection system may also get you a discount. When lightning strikes, it can be disastrous for the home and therefore the insurance company as well.

6. Get a Loyalty or Bundling Discount

Do you have your homeowners insurance with one carrier and your life and auto with another? Consider bundling to get a better deal. Talk to our agents at Four Seasons Insurance to see if we can help.

7. Stop Smoking

Smoking indoors presents a fire risk. If you were asked if you smoke during your application process but you have since quit, tell your insurance company. It may improve your rates.

8. Retire!

When you’re retired, you spend more time in the home. That means you will likely know right away if there’s a gas leak or a burst pipe. Fixing problems right away will save your carrier money, so it can save you money too.

And if you’re a senior, you could get a discount just for that!

Four Seasons Insurance knows insurance policies are necessary for your protection, but it doesn’t mean you should pay more than you have to. Talk to us and find out some ways you can save money on homeowners insurance.

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