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How Commercial Insurance Protects Your Livelihood 

Commercial insurance is a must for most small-business owners. You’ve invested your time, your money and your hopes for the future in your business. If it was taken away from you, starting over would put your career and your family at risk. Commercial insurance is one of the best ways you can safeguard against that scenario.

Commercial Insurance Protects Your Livelihood 

Commercial insurance for your business means:

You’re Covered if Someone Is Injured on Your Property

General liability insurance will protect your business if someone gets injured while on your company’s property. Usually it doesn’t matter how the injury occurred. They could have tripped, slipped or fallen, but you would still be liable for the damages.

This type of insurance also offers protection if a customer is injured by your product or service. General liability coverage will pay for the damages, up to the extent of your policy.

You and Your Employees Are Protected from Injury

The cost of workplace injuries can quickly add up, so it’s vital to obtain a commercial insurance policy that includes workers’ compensation coverage so you’re prepared in advance. If employees are injured on the job, they are entitled to medical benefits and income — expenses you may not be able to pay unless you have commercial insurance.

You’re Protected if an Employee Steals Your Property

Employee dishonesty coverage protects your business in the event that an employee steals money from the company. What would be a devastating loss can be recouped through this coverage option.

You Are Covered in the Event of a Professional Liability Lawsuit

If a client feels you failed to perform professional services per the terms of your contract, they may sue. If you have professional liability coverage, you can pay for lawyer fees, the cost of the contract, damages and any other charges you may be ordered to pay.

You Can Recoup Lost Income

If your business was destroyed in a fire, what would you do? Business interruption insurance offers protection in case you lose income or have extra expenses after a loss.

Your Equipment Can Be Replaced

Power surges, fires, vandalism … there are so many potential causes of business equipment damage. If you have equipment breakdown insurance, you can replace these items and get your business back to running smoothly in no time.

Create a Policy Designed for Your Business

No two commercial insurance polices are alike, because no two businesses are exactly alike. At Four Seasons Insurance, we can tailor a policy to your specific needs, so your business is covered for all the “what ifs.” We’ll make sure you’re not paying more than you can afford for coverage you don’t need. Contact us today to get started on a quote tailored for you.

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