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What Should Your Boat Insurance Policy Cover?

Boat insurance is one of those expenses every boat owner has, but doesn’t necessarily want. It’s fun buying marine speakers and tubing equipment. Paying your insurance bill every month? Not so much. But since you have to finance coverage, you want to make sure it’s the right coverage. You don’t want to (and possibly can’t) afford not having the right policy in place!

What Should Your Boat Insurance Policy Cover?

Don’t Count on Homeowners Insurance

Too many new boat owners assume that their homeowners insurance is adequate to cover their boat. That might be true for a rowboat, but not for a high-powered speedboat. If you recently upgraded to a heftier watercraft and you’re depending on your homeowners policy to cover it, it’s time to talk to an insurance agent!

It’s Similar to Both Home and Auto

Much like your homeowners insurance policy, boat insurance will cover the injuries of anyone on your watercraft and you can get coverage for theft, vandalism, fire and flood. But similar to auto insurance, you’re also covered for any damage inflicted on other people or property while operating the boat, and you can get towing coverage too.

Get the Right Add-Ons

Think about all the property you store on your boat. It’s worth a pretty penny! Make sure you get a valuable personal property add-on to cover your high-end fishing gear. In many cases, the limitations of your boat coverage won’t be enough to account for an expensive loss.

Should You Suspend Coverage in the Winter?

In the winter, you can get a discount on your policy by “laying up” your watercraft for the season. In some cases, this is written into the documentation of your policy. Don’t take your boat out late in the season without checking to ensure your coverage is still in place.

What Else Should You Know?

When your boat is being towed by your truck, it’s covered by your auto insurance. When it’s parked at your home, it’s covered by your homeowners policy. If you’re worried that these two policies won’t cover damage to the watercraft, purchase an umbrella policy to make up the difference. Your boat insurance won’t cover the watercraft outside of the water.

Cost-Effective Coverage from Four Seasons Insurance

We want to make sure you never have regrets about your boat insurance policy, either on the limitation or the cost side. We comprehensively assess your needs and match you to a policy that answers all questions and ensures you sleep soundly at night knowing you’re covered, 100 percent.

From taking a boating safety course to bundling with your home and auto, Four Seasons Insurance helps you get the best boat insurance coverage at the best price. Contact us today and find out how much we could save you every month.

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