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Review Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy This Summer

Motorcycle insurance is a must. It’s important to know you’re covered on the road; plus, it’s the law. But more importantly, your finances could be at risk in a motorcycle accident if you are underinsured.Review Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy This Summer

Since summer is now upon us, it’s the ideal time to see if you have the right coverage before you blow the dust off your bike.

Are You Covered?

In Utah, the minimum amount of motorcycle insurance required by law is $25,000 in bodily injury protection, $65,000 per accident and $15,000 in property damage. Is that enough?

If you drive an expensive bike and get into a bad accident, probably not. And what if something happens to your bike that isn’t accident-related? You will need comprehensive coverage to get a repair paid for, and this includes collisions with animals.

Do you tow anything behind your bike? Is your motorcycle a custom build? If so, repairs will be more expensive and require extra coverage. And of course, think about towing and trip interruption coverage — it’s always helpful to have when you’re in a pinch, but it’s a policy add-on you may not have opted for when you first signed up.

Bike Safety Data Dictates Policy Cost

One factor affecting your total policy cost is the make and model of your motorcycle. Insurance companies gather in-depth traffic report data and determine whether your bike is more of a safety risk than others. If you have changed makes and models, don’t assume your old policy will be the same as the new. Always tailor your policy to the value and operative risk of the individual bike.

How Can You Keep Your Premium Low?

If your main motivation for assessing your motorcycle insurance coverage is cost, remember that the best way to keep your motorcycle insurance premium low is to drive safely. With a clean record, you will pay less. But besides that, one effective way to lower costs is to bundle your plans together. You will get a big discount when you have your home, auto, boat, landlord’s, renter’s, life and more all in one place!

Get to Know Your Options

At Four Seasons Insurance, we want to keep you fully protected from financial harm — that’s why we build comprehensive coverage policies tailored specifically to you. But since motorcycle insurance is another expense, we want to make sure you aren’t spending more than you have to to stay protected on the roadway. Get a quote today and see if you can save with our help.

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