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Why Do You Need a Health Exam for Life Insurance?

Health Exam for Life Insurance

We often hear of people rejecting the idea of life insurance just because of the health exam. Maybe it’s the time and maybe it’s the fact that there’s a needle involved, but the truth is, these are small inconveniences for the financial support benefit. In the end, the exam isn’t so bad, and we’re certain you’ll be glad you did it.

Life insurance companies require health exams because they need to understand what their risk is. The health exam helps them understand your needs, gives them an idea of a plan price, and ensures they’re protected as well. It also helps prevent healthy people from overpaying for coverage.

What You’ll Need to Provide

Insurers will ask questions about your medical history, what medications you are currently taking (and possibly past medications), your family’s medical history (including parents and siblings), any dangerous hobbies or work requirements, your driving record, and intentional travel plans. A full life insurance policy will take all your medical and personal information into account because these factors affect your overall life expectancy. Be prepared with the names and dosages of your medications and take a minute to write down your past medications. You’ll also want a list of your medical doctors and if you visited them in the past few years for specific medical concerns. Keep your driver’s license handy as well as a list of medical diagnoses or treatments.

During the Exam

Once the exam starts, your weight, height, pulse, and blood pressure will be recoded. You will probably need to have a urine sample taken as well as a blood draw. This is mostly to test cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well as assess nicotine or drug use. For those over 50 years old, you may need to take an EKG, which is painless, to check the electrical activity of your heart. Depending on the insurer or your medical needs, you may need to get an X-ray or stress test, which would need to be done at a doctor’s office or clinic. For those over 70 years old, sometimes a cognitive ability test is performed.

These exams are usually quick and easy, and the insurer gets a representative from their partner company to contact you for an appointment. The insurer also usually covers the exam, and it can be done at home or at your office.

To prepare for the exam, limit salt and high-cholesterol foods for 24 hours before. Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages or participating in strenuous activities for about 12 hours before as these can raise blood pressure levels. About an hour before the exam, avoid caffeinated beverages and nicotine, and drink some water so you’re hydrated for the test. Try to wear loose clothing and short sleeves for the exam.

Once the exam is over, you’ll need to wait for about a week or two for the results. They’re usually emailed to you. The process is a common occurrence for these companies, so it’s usually a pretty easy appointment with fast results. If you’re looking for life insurance, contact Four Seasons Insurance to get started.

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