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What’s Event Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Event insurance offers protection, security and in some cases, it’s required for your special day. Whether you’re planning a wedding, an obstacle race or a business conference, event insurance has many benefits to offer.

If your insurance policy doesn’t offer event coverage, look into purchasing coverage to give you peace of mind and guard you financially in case of an accident, injury or cancellation.

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How Does it Work?

Event insurance is simple — it provides financial protection up to a certain limit in case you are liable in any way for property damage, injuries or financial loss due to your event.

In some cases, if you are renting out property to hold your event, you may be required to show proof of insurance per the terms of your lease contract. This type of insurance can be highly personalized based on the needs of the insured.

For instance, general liability protects all parties involved in the event, including some of the vendors, from liability in case of a loss. Liquor liability may be a necessary add-on if you will serve alcohol and the bartenders aren’t insured. You may need many specific coverages, and a professional agent can help you understand which options are right for you.

Cancellation Is Possible

One major reason you may need event insurance, especially if you’re hosting outdoors, is inclement weather. From fires and floods to power outages and earthquakes, plenty of weather-related circumstances can jeopardize your event.

You also may need cancellation insurance if you are running a conference or trade show. Key speakers may not appear or there could be a labor strike.

Injuries and Accidents Can Happen

When someone is injured during an event, the event planner is usually liable. Litigation can tie up years of time and thousands of dollars, but if you’re covered by insurance, it’s a much simpler matter. From basic trip-and-fall accidents to auto collisions on the event grounds, your policy helps guard against countless risks.

Choosing the Right Policy Is Challenging — We’re Here for You

One of the most difficult aspects of finding the right policy is anticipating the worst, but that’s your insurance agent’s job, not yours. At Four Seasons Insurance, we are here for you. We help you find the event insurance policy that fits your budget while still fully offering the coverage you need for 100 percent protection.

Call our office today and share the details of your upcoming event — we are happy to help. We free you up to focus on the planning process and enjoy the day without any concerns. Our affordable event insurance offers the safety net you need.

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