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Can You Add Life Insurance Coverage During Pregnancy?

If you haven’t considered life insurance coverage before, there is nothing like becoming a parent to help you realize you need it. No longer do you only have yourself and maybe a spouse to think about — you also have a baby who depends on you for care, in all aspects of life.

add life insurance coverage during pregnancy

One of the most common questions about life insurance coverage is — can I get it while I’m pregnant? The answer is yes in most cases, but it helps to know what to expect during the application process.

Apply as Early as Possible

The fact that you are pregnant will not affect your life insurance premiums, but you will have to notify the provider that you are, in fact, pregnant. During a paramedical exam, they will note that you are pregnant to account for body weight increases, but it does help to apply for life insurance coverage early in your pregnancy so this is less of an issue.

As long as your pregnancy is progressing normally, the underwriting and approval process shouldn’t be affected.

Pregnancy Complications Mean Insurance Complications

What matters to your life insurance coverage application is whether you have any pregnancy complications. Conditions like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia pose risks long-term for the mother. Women with gestational diabetes are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes later in life, and preeclampsia can lead to organ damage.

Complications could mean your application is denied, but in a more realistic case, you will probably get approved, only with a higher rate.

It’s Possible to Re-Apply Later

You can talk to our team at Four Seasons Insurance about getting approved during pregnancy. Even if you’re denied or you have higher premiums than you’d prefer, it’s possible to re-apply after you’ve had your baby and your health is back to normal.

Get Peace of Mind Now

One factor to consider is that it’s always better to find out if you could possibly get coverage now and reduce the time you spend unprotected, for your family’s sake. Also, if your partner does not have coverage, make sure that they explore their life insurance options as well in advance of becoming a parent for the first time. You’ll both have more peace of mind when you know that you’re prepared for every scenario and your baby is set up for financial security for years to come.

Get in touch with Four Seasons Insurance today and let’s talk numbers. We’ll give you a free quote for term life insurance coverage and you can decide on the next step.

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