What to Do if Your Dog Bites Someone

What to Do if Your Dog Bites Someone When your dog bites someone, it can be tempting to panic. Is the victim OK? Will you get sued? Will your dog get taken away? While the rush of emotion is normal, remember that how you respond to this scenario plays a key role in the outcome. While i

What’s an Umbrella Insurance Policy For?

life insurance utah An umbrella insurance policy does one thing best: protect you from lawsuits. When you are personally liable for bodily injury of another or damage to someone else’s property, your homeowners, auto or landlord’s insurance kicks in if you are su

5 Types of Business Insurance Your Company May Need 

5 Types of Business Insurance Your Company May Need  Business insurance is a safeguard for your livelihood, and by extension, your possessions and your lifestyle. Business insurance is a requirement, not a luxury, and in some cases, the law may require you to have a certain type and coverage amount,

5 Reasons to Update Your Homeowners Insurance Policy 

Your homeowners insurance policy is more than a document — it’s your protection. As a homeowner, you’ve invested your livelihood in building or buying a structure to house your family and all your possessions. If something happens to damage

Can You Add Life Insurance Coverage During Pregnancy?

add life insurance coverage during pregnancy If you haven’t considered life insurance coverage before, there is nothing like becoming a parent to help you realize you need it. No longer do you only have yourself and maybe a spouse to think about — you also have a baby who depends on you f