How to Minimize Risk of a Homeowners Insurance Claim

homeowners insurance You know you have coverage, but avoiding a homeowners insurance claim is still one of your top priorities. Preventing water damage is one of the best ways to ensure you won’t need to place that call to your insurance company. Non-weather-related wa

8 Effective Ways to Lower Your Insurance Bill

Insurance Bills Utah Is one of your financial goals to lower your insurance bill this year? Insurance is a necessary protection, but you shouldn’t pay more if you don’t have to. You have control over some of the factors your insurer uses to create your policy, whethe

Valuable Personal Property Insurance: Do You Need It?

insurance sandy utah Valuable personal property insurance sounds repetitive — if you already have renters or homeowners insurance, isn’t that enough? Surprisingly, the answer is likely no. If you own an expensive engagement ring, an antique collection or a custom-mad

5 Boat Insurance Facts You Should Know

boat insurance Boat insurance protects your passengers and your watercraft. Although boating can be a relaxing hobby, it isn’t without its dangers. Just like driving on the roadways, navigating waterways isn’t without risk. Besides meeting the requirements of y

Motorcycle Insurance: Should You Get More Than the Minimum?

motorcycle insurance utah Motorcycle insurance protects you from liability for any injuries or damage done when you’re riding your bike. It’s a necessity, just like car insurance. Don’t make the mistake of assuming motorcycle insurance is optional — you could be fined