Top 10 Ways to Lower Car Insurance Costs

Lower Car Insurance Cost Lower car insurance bills — that’s what everyone wants. Car insurance is a must-have, but you want to pay as little as possible for the protection you need. It is possible to lower car insurance rates and still get great coverage, but it mig

Make Sure You Have the Right Pool Insurance Protection 

Pool Insurance Protection  Do you have the right amount of swimming pool insurance in case of injuries on your property? It’s a question that keeps pool owners up at night. Thankfully, your insurance agent can answer this question and wants to help you get the peace of mi

What’s Event Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

event insurance Event insurance offers protection, security and in some cases, it’s required for your special day. Whether you’re planning a wedding, an obstacle race or a business conference, event insurance has many benefits to offer. If your insurance policy

Flood Insurance: Why it’s Vital to Prepare for the Worst

flood insurance Is flood insurance important, or is it just one of those extra coverages your insurance agent tries to sell you? It’s definitely extra — it’s not normally included in homeowners insurance policies — but you should reconsider if you think of i

Marriage Affects Insurance Rates: Call Your Agent After Your Wedding

marriage insurance rates It’s true: Marriage affects insurance bills … mostly in a good way. If you’re tying the knot this summer, first of all: congratulations! Four Seasons Insurance wishes you and your new spouse all the best. Now it’s time to work on saving you m